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11.10.2015 13:17

Choosing the best education at the Education 2015 exhibition

Today is the final day of the 9th Azerbaijan International Education Exhibition and the 9th Azerbaijan International Career Exhibition, organized with the official support and active participation of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Both in scale and organization, this event is the largest exhibition in the field of educational services held in Azerbaijan. This years exhibition provided a unique selection of the best education opportunities and introduced foreign universities to Azerbaijani applicants. This year the Education exhibition was attended by 124 institutions from 16 countries.

Education exhibition ran alongside the 9th Azerbaijan International Career Exhibition. Traditionally, both events complement each other, significantly expanding the scope of services provided by the exhibitors and attracting additional attention from visitors and industry professionals. The relevance and popularity of both exhibitions was clearly shown through lively interest from thousands of visitors, most of them young people wishing to receive a good education from the best universities in the world. Many visitors also explored the possibility of employment among young professionals and there was a sufficient number of vacant job positions available. It should be noted that career prospects now depend on good knowledge, hard work and practical achievements.

Up to tens of thousands of visitors use the exhibition each year to get the most accurate information on local and foreign educational institutions, scholarships, student visa regulations and other important details. The exhibition has successfully reflected the dynamics of modern society and the desire to improve the level of knowledge. Moreover, it is necessary to assess the geopolitical significance of the event and the effectiveness of its international status. Since today, the strength of any society is based on competent personnel, the future of any country must also be associated with the formation of its citizens.

This exhibition contributes to the formation of close links between employers and young people, but also contributes to the credibility of education and improves the process of finding the best combination of a place of study and the most promising jobs. It is no accident that the main focus of the exhibition are the sectors of higher education and the improvement of language skills, which are intended for visitors aged 16 and older. Therefore, the basis of the exhibition consists of a variety of university programmes, opportunities for bachelor, master, MBA, PhD and language courses.

Information regarding opportunities for the education of Azerbaijani students abroad was provided by the national stands of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey and the United States. Traditionally, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which presents information about the plans and programmes for the coming years on its stand, takes an active role in the exhibition.

There are universities, colleges and training programmes, as well as state organizations from Azerbaijan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, USA, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Hungary and other countries among the participants. Specialised training in business and marketing, computer science, computer technology and medical education are widely represented. The faculties of metallurgy, management and protection of natural resources, geometry, military technologies, as well as the sector of modern equipment for educational institutions are also well demonstrated.

The representatives of the largest universities in the world, who took part in the Education exhibition told how the Azerbaijani youth is educated in the Baltic States, Germany, Turkey, Great Britain, Russia and other countries. The current masters and bachelors students return home with an understanding of their civic responsibility and social activity.

The exhibition is organized by Caspian Event Organisers, CEO.

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