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10.10.2015 15:16

Experts in the field of aviation and aeronautics

Yevgeni Chursin, head of research and educational programs of Samara State Aerospace University:

- For the first time we are presenting our University in Baku, as one that trains design personnel in the field of aviation and aeronautics. These sectors of the economy are closely connected with almost all of the domestic spheres. Despite the seemingly narrow profile of the university, our specialists are in demand not only in the aerospace industry, but they can also be helpful in metallurgy, the automotive industry, and others.

Today it is very important to attract talented young people to the industry, and we are looking forward to this exhibition; on the eve of which we have developed a program for foreigners. We have modified it in order to suit local conditions, and we talked about the history of Azerbaijani satellites and more. We implemented this project on the basis of "Rossotrudnichestvo". The website still contains relevant information, and every student can attend this program.

Here at the education exhibition, we will meet with those youths who are finishing school or studying in undergraduate programs, and they learn about our master's programs. The citizens of Baku, Ganja, and other cities of Azerbaijan already study at our University both in exchange for tuition fees, and free of charge. Specialists are trained in specific areas, for example in the field of telecommunications. The courses are taught in Russian, although there are a few English-speaking programs whose number increases every year.

We are visiting Baku for the first time, and we are interested to meet with the local youth to learn how they think and to hear what they have to say. In this regard, yesterday was a good day, and it was nice that the organizers tried to attract a varied audience to the exhibition. We had a lot of visitors, and the youth bombarded us with questions.

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