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13.09.2013 14:42

According to the Education Act of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the admission to school starts at the age of six

Moreover, in accordance with procedures established by the Ministry of Education, children, who havespecial talents and notreached the ageof six by the beginning of the academic year, can be admitted to the school early.

The Ministry of Education approved new Rules in this regard. According to these rules, talented children, whose sixth birthday is between 16 September and 31 December that year, may apply for the early entry to school. The right to choose talented children is entrusted to the local education departments, which are instructed to establish a commission consisting of highly qualified and experienced professionals - primary school teachers, doctors, psychologists and trainers. The commission will be chaired by heads of local education departments.

Children with special talent, who are attended a preschool preparatory group of secondary school, will be admitted to grade 1 of the school based on the presentation given by school principal without an interview.

According to the Rules, a child will be interviewing about 15-20 minutes in the language that he will be educated. Moreover, he will be asked 4 questions to identify its intellectual capacity. Each question will be assessed with 5 - point rating scales. The child must score at least 15 points to be admitted to school. Parents may request to record the interview.

Applications for early admission of children to grade 1 will be registered at the local education departments from 20 July to 20 August of each year. Selection of children will be held until 10 September on days determined by the education departments.

The early admission of children to grade 1 of schools, gymnasiums and lyceums for talented children of the Ministry of Education will be held by these education institutions, in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic by the Ministry of Education of AR.

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