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03.09.2013 14:07

Educational specialist and innovator Vladimir Bazarny to present a seminar in Baku for the first time

The 7th Education and Career exhibition will take place from 4 to 6 October 2013 at the JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel in Azerbaijans capital. Education & Career will bring together over 100 education institutions presenting baccalaureate and MBA programmes abroad, language courses and business programmes, as well as leading Azerbaijani companies holding job interviews directly at the exhibition.

The show will also feature a range of presentations and seminars. An important event in the programme will be the Healthy Education Healthy Nation seminar, held by the well-known academic Dr Vladimir Bazarny, holder of a number of educational titles and honorary positions. At the seminar, Dr Bazarny will present a unique system to transfer educational institutions to a foundation of health development, which will open up the potential of children during their education. The seminar will be structured according to the healthy development of children at every stage of their youth: antenatal consultation maternity ward family pre-school school. The seminar is organised with the assistance of Azerbaijans Ministry of Education.

Notes: Vladimir Bazarny (dob. 4 May 1942) is a Russian scientist, doctor and educational pioneer. He has dedicated over 33 years to solving a seminal problem for Russia preventing a demographic catastrophe by maintaining and improving the health of the younger generations. He has authored 11 books and studies and over 100 scientific and published articles. His titles, honours and positions include: Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Member of the Academy of Creative Pedagogy, Honoured Worker of General Education of the Russian Federation, Excellence in Education of the USSR and Inventor of the USSR. He has been presented with an Honorary Diploma by the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia (2007), a letter of thanks from the Chairman of the Federation Council (2010), and an Honorary Diploma from the Russian State Duma (2012).

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