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05.10.2013 17:28

For prospective students the most comprehensive information about our university!

Sevdagul Aliyeva, Head of the Department of Regional Studies at Azerbaijan University of Languages:

- As you know, our university has a rich history and has always enjoyed great popularity and respect. We have more than five thousand students on roll and the number of admissions is steadily increasing. Each year, the university produces several hundred graduates that are in demand, and not only in Azerbaijan. Therefore, we are proud to say that our country is known worldwide thanks to the graduates of the Azerbaijan University of Languages as well. Our participation in this exhibition is not for promotion purposes, but to ensure that as much information as possible is available for visitors regarding all the innovations and positive changes that are taking place within the walls of the university.

We want to talk about the TOEFL, IELTS and other courses for which we have received official licence (certificate). We have also opened up new specialties, including simultaneous interpreting. The improvement in the study of interpreting was made possible thanks to leadership of TEMPUS Programme under the Project. Our logistic base is fully consistent with the high-level mission of the university. It should also be mentioned that we cover thirteen regions, including China, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia, and, that the learning process not only involves the languages but also the culture, history and geography. We also offer opportunities for double degrees, for example, a concurrent education for holders of Bachelors degrees at the University of Essex. We have chosen the West as our primary direction we mastered the Bologna system before the rest, and we organize training courses for teachers of other educational institutes. Our Information and Resource Centre holds fairs-competitions which attract the attention of more than twenty different organizations that desire to select their employees personally.

Today on the stand our representatives are willing to you give details of all these areas of activity. We are participating in this exhibition for the fourth time. We are very pleased with the organization of the event. We have met many visitors, and are finding a lot of new friends, partners and students.

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