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05.10.2013 11:48

The benefits of study in Malaysia

Natasyia Lim, International Marketing Manager, SEGi University Group:

- Our university is one of the largest private education institutions in Malaysia. This year marks 36 years of our operation in the field of education. We offer a wide range of educational programmes. Any new subject introduced in the field of education in Malaysia is quickly adopted by our university, so students have no shortage of occupational choices.

According to our local market research, we expect there to be the highest demand here for our post-qualifying education. The University offers Master's degrees in business management, financial planning and engineering sciences, among others, as well as Ph. D. and doctoral degrees.

One of the advantages of studying in Malaysia rather than a European country is that our students also receive a certificate of education from one of several major universities in the UK, the US or Australia. For example, our partner in education at the magistracy level is the well-known University of Sunderland in the UK. About twice a year, teachers from the partner universities come to Malaysia. In addition, the cost of education and other costs in Malaysia are not high, e.g. monthly expenses, including accommodation, food, transportation and even shopping average US$ 550 per month. Malaysia is a beautiful country with lovely beaches and mountains. The seasons are not pronounced, and students will not need to bring much with them. Casa Residency, the new dormitory building, is approximately 5-10 minutes walk from the main campus.

We hope that there will be a great number of visitors to our stand, and that among them will be potential students who will join our student body in the near future; so far we have never had a student from Azerbaijan. This is our first time participating in the exhibition and our first real experience of Azerbaijan, and so we also hope to learn more about the local market.

The organizers have prepared well and responsibly for the exhibition.

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