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05.10.2013 11:08

A great alternative to Western Universities

Iskandar B. Yuldashev, Regional International Relations Manager, Solbridge International School of Business (South Korea)

- At our university 80% of the students and 85% of the teachers are foreign. We have intentionally diversified our teaching staff, inviting teachers from 16 different countries and, with this in mind, we provide students with a broad knowledge base, enabling them to apply this experience in the future to their benefit. Another advantage of this diversity is that knowledge of Korean is not a mandatory requirement for studying at our university. At the same time, during the two to four years of study in English on the chosen subject, students are given the opportunity to learn either Korean or Chinese, meaning that our graduates are valuable additions to both Korean and international companies.

We also compete with Western universities in terms of the cost-effectiveness of our educational programme, which costs on average US$ 11,500 per year. Good accommodation costs as little as $1,600 a year. In addition, our university provides grants for 50% to 70% of the education fee if the applicant is fluent in English. To date, only 6 students from Azerbaijan have graduated from our university, but we are confident that this number will continue to grow.

Today in Azerbaijan we are representing our Business Faculty, where teaching is entirely in English and covers subjects such as Finance, International Marketing, Business and Management. Students choose their profession not immediately on admission, but after a year of training on Master's courses and two years of training at Bachelor's level, once they have already acquired a basic knowledge of business and can see themselves in a particular area of specialization.

Our impressions of the exhibition are good, especially in terms of the venue, which is more convenient and accessible for visitors and participants. We are not only trying to attract students, but also to establish partnerships with educational institutions in Azerbaijan. We have already established close links with the University of Economics, and several students from there have participated in exchange programmes with our university.

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