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05.10.2013 10:38

A healthy education a healthy nation

Professor Vladimir Bazarny, Member of the Academy of Creative Pedagogy of the Russian Federation:

- I have come to Baku for the first time at the invitation of the organizers of Education and Career, and Im happy to be visiting Azerbaijan. My seminar A healthy education a healthy nation is part of the events business programme. I am presenting a unique system to transfer educational institutions to a foundation for healthy development, which will open up the potential of children during their education. The seminar is structured according to the healthy development of children at every stage of their childhood and youth: antenatal consultation maternity ward family pre-school school. The seminar is organized with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

I have spent decades to dealing with the problem of the maintenance and promotion of the younger generations health. The evidence supporting this is my 44 patents, 11 books, several monographs and more than 100 scientific papers and newspapers articles.

The exhibition pleases me in terms of the level of business relations, and its responsible approach to solutions for educational issues. The Azerbaijani ministries of education and health are already interested in our projects. Moreover we are eager to guarantee that within 2-3 years the situation of children in school will have significantly changed. It is necessary to develop and implement a state programme that will involve all related agencies. Thus the ergonomics of the educational process will bring benefits and we will be able to cope with the problems which hinder the development of our children, for example, the presence of scoliosis, myopia and mental health problems.

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