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02.11.2012 10:06

Postshow of Education and Career 2012

The 6th Azerbaijan International Education & Career 2012 exhibition took place at the Baku Expo Centre in Azerbaijanís capital from 20 to 22 September, actively supported by the countryís Ministry of Education.

96 education institutes from 20 countries exhibited this year, representing over 70 faculties, courses and programmes in a wide range of subjects from Azerbaijan, the UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and other countries. Additionally, Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine presented well-known education institutes from various cities. Several institutes from Azerbaijan also got involved, understanding that the exhibition is an effective tool when competing for students.

The official opening ceremony featured participation from Misir Mardanov, Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan; Elmir Velizade, Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan; Farid Mamedov, Director of Iteca Caspian; and ambassadors from various countries, exhibitors, visitors and a large number of media representatives.

In his welcome address, the Minister of Education said that ďFrom year to year, the exhibition is becoming an important event, attracting more and more international exhibitors looking to meet the growing demand of Azerbaijanís youth for receiving an education abroad. The exhibition aims to present the younger generation with a full range of possibilities for obtaining a high-quality education, both inside and outside Azerbaijan, and for taking the first step towards a future career. The exhibition fully achieves this aim.Ē

Mr Velidze, Deputy Minister of Communications and IT, then underlined the fact that ďalongside the traditional industries of Azerbaijanís fast-growing economy, new business areas are being created and new professions are appearing. Our education system, meeting the demands of society, is taking all the necessary measures to educate and train new staff.Ē This was visibly demonstrated at the exhibition by Azerbaijan University, Ganja State University, Tefekkur University, newcomer Baku Computer College, and many others.

Farid Mamedov concluded the opening ceremony by thanking the Ministry of Education for its invaluable support and active participation during the last six years, as well as inviting everyone to a VIP tour of the exhibition.

The backbone of Education and Career 2012 were baccalaureate and MBA programmes abroad, language courses, business programmes, and international education systems. Visitors had an exclusive opportunity to find out about the latest education programmes in leading institutes, and it was significant that distance learning programmes were also presented alongside traditional programmes, allowing students to learn without leaving the country.

Exhibitors and visitors were particularly interested in a comprehensive exhibition of scientific literature from Springer International Publisher, the well-known German publishing house. An improvised library offered a chance to learn about modern scientific work and research in many different areas of science and technology, as well as English-language research. Representatives from many universities exchanged agreements directly at the exhibition to acquire Springerís products for their own libraries.

The exhibition was accompanied by an extensive business programme. Across the three days, international exhibitors and domestic institutes held negotiations to secure long-term cooperation that would enable exchanges of students, teachers, textbooks and curricula, along with joint summer camps, language courses, and much more.

The Career sector played an important role in Education and Career 2012. BP organised at-stand preliminary interviews and receipt of documents for young people hoping for a career in the oil and gas industry. The company offered three training programmes: a programme for hiring graduates and trainees, financial support for the education of oil and gas professionals, and a special programme for graduates of oil and technical higher education establishments in Azerbaijan.

The Ministry of Youth and Sport organised a consultation session at its stand for non-governmental youth organisations and associations that help school and university graduates to find work.

8882 people visited Education and Career this year, a large proportion being school leavers, students and their parents, teaching staff at secondary schools and universities, and industry professionals. Receiving a good schooling, studying in higher education and knowledge of foreign languages are gaining in prestige among Azerbaijanís young people. At the same time, the standard of education in the countryís higher education establishments is steadily improving, attracting international students to choose Azerbaijanís universities as their alma mater.

All this testified to the relevance of the Education & Career exhibition, which has become a unique platform for face-to-face contact between stakeholders - institute representatives and future students, employers and jobseekers.

Since its launch, the exhibition has been supported by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is organised by Iteca Caspian LLC and its partner ITE Group plc. The partners of Itecaís international exhibitions and conferences in 2012 are the mobile operator Nar Mobile as communications partner, AZAL as the official airline, Hilton Baku and Qafqaz Point Hotel as official hotels, and Greenwich Travel Club as official tour operator.

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