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08.11.2016 10:51

First TEDx UNEC Conference took place

TEDx Conference has been held for the first time at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) within the “Science Month” on November 5. To implement the conference on “Combination of Education and Science” an official license was received from TED Organization in May of the year.

UNEC told APA that lecturers who have great experience in education and science areas such as UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov, Director of the Institute of Oil and Chemistry Processes of ANAS, Academician Vagif Abbasov, Member of Parliament Fazil Mustafayev and education expert, Professor Shahlar Asgerov shared their valuable views on the topic within the first TEDx UNEC Conference.

The Conference started with TED moderator Chris Anderson’s video- greeting. Ch. Anderson brought the attention to the essence of TED Conferences and gained values. In the conference which includes the ideas worth sharing expresses the confidence of the speakers in bringing useful information to participants.

The Director of the ANAS Institute of Oil and Chemistry Processes, Academician Vagif Abbasov made a speech on “Problems of the Combination of Science with Education and Ways to Solve”. Drawing the attention to the main directions of the urgent issue, he revealed the obstacles to develop. Based on his experiences the speaker noted that the way out is the change of the methodology of teacher training. He highlighted the necessity of a national model established on the country’s political, economic, geographical and mental values to implement projects.

Member of Parliament, PhD in Philosophy Fazil Mustafa was invited to the stage for the next floor. Expressing his view on topical issue in a different context F. Mustafa commented the “Legislation to Regulate Scientific Activities and the Process of Education” specifically. Noting the problems arising during the implementation of international experience in the field of education, he revealed the ways to resolve them.

The next speech in the conference of interesting information was made by the education expert, Professor Shahlar Asgerov on “Progress, Technology and Unity of Science”. Expressing the coherence of the science and education on the basis of mathematical formulas, he shared the role of industry and technology in this union.

The next report was made by UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov. Stating that the “Human capital- is the value created by education and science”, Rector reported a systematic relationship between the three factors explaining the benefits to be contributed by.

Founded with the slogan “Shared Ideas” in 1984 TED became an encyclopedia spreading knowledge and unique discretion by means of the speakers’ short videos. The world- famous individuals and scientists share their knowledge and experience in TED. Today 5 billion people have followed 7114 speakers in 5723 TEDx Conferences organized in 150 countries of the globe.

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