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The 6th Azerbaijan International Education and Career Exhibition opened at Baku Expo Centre. Taking place under the slogan “Visit the show – secure your future”, the Education and Career Exhibition is a powerful tool for anyone interested in getting an education, improving their language skills, or achieving professional development and career growth. The Education and Career Exhibition is the only event in the education sector that is organized with the official support of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan. The exhibition is organized by Iteca Caspian LLC and its partner, ITE Group plc.

The official opening ceremony was attended by Misir Mardanov, the Azerbaijani Minister for Education; Elmir Valizadeh, the Azerbaijani Deputy Minister for Communications and Information Technologies; Farid Mammadov, the Executive Director of Iteca Caspian LLC; and foreign ambassadors, participants, visitors and numerous representatives of the media.

In his welcoming speech to the participants of the exhibition, the Minister for Education Misir Mardanov said that “this exhibition is a landmark event, attracting an increasing number of foreign participants who wish to satisfy the growing demand from young Azerbaijanis to be educated abroad. The exhibition aims to give the younger generation a full range of options for obtaining a high-quality education in Azerbaijan and beyond, and the information to enable them to take the first step towards a future career. In this regards, the exhibition has fully met its goals.”

In his turn, Mr Velizadeh stressed that “the rapidly developing Azerbaijani society and economy need more competent and skilled personnel in various sectors. The 6th Education and Career Exhibition demonstrates that necessary work towards this aim is being implemented.”

At the end of the opening ceremony, Mr Farid Mammadov thanked the Ministry of Education for its invaluable support over the past six years, and invited everybody to join him on a VIP tour of the exhibition.

As soon as the doors opened, visitors started to have conversations with the representatives of universities and business schools, who talked willingly about the requirements of admission to colleges in different countries, the cost of education, the scholarships and grants available, the accommodation options and many other things that were of interest to the future students.

This year, the exhibition features 96 educational institutions from 20 countries, representing more than 70 faculties, courses and programmes in a variety of subject areas. Young Azerbaijanis are ever more interested in receiving their higher education abroad. Due to this, every year the exhibition attracts a growing number of universities from around the world who want to see young people from Azerbaijan among their students. Therefore, the main focus of Education and Career 2012 is on Bachelor's programmes and MBA courses abroad, language courses, business programmes and international study programmes. Universities from Belarus, the UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Ukraine, Switzerland and the Czech Republic are all represented at Education and Career 2012. Some of them, appreciating the effectiveness of the exhibition, have been participating in it for several years, while others are taking their first steps and have great expectations for the exhibition.

As is traditional, national educational institutions are proactive participants in the exhibition. Thus, at Education and Career 2012 Lithuania is represented by 11 of the country’s most prestigious schools, while the Belarusian pavilion includes representatives from universities in eight of the country’s largest cities. Meanwhile, Ukraine is represented by the republic’s six leading universities.

The exhibition also features Azerbaijan’s public, private, metropolitan and provincial universities. Among those represented are Azerbaijan University, the Azerbaijan State University in Ganja and Tefekkur University. The newcomer this year is Baku Computer College, a specialist institution, which trains IT experts.

Featured at this year's exhibition is an extensive display of scientific literature published by the well-known European publisher, Springer International (Germany). Literature in English is aimed at university students and can be a valuable acquisition for both private individuals and university libraries.

Some exhibition visitors are also looking for work and seeking career development. Favourable conditions are created here for those looking to choose a future profession. Thus, in the Career section of the exhibition, the Azerbaijan Ministry of Youth and Sport has arranged the participation of non-governmental youth organizations and associations that provide advice and help in finding work. Also among the participants are companies which offer consultations, training and seminars on how to adapt to the modern labour market. For the first time, BP and Buta Sigorta are attending the exhibition and will be conducting interviews for vacancies. The exhibition continues tomorrow.


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