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Education... There is a huge complex of global factors developing the new generation. How can the specialized Education and Career Exhibition-2010 contribute to the noble mission of advancing today's society by improving the education of Azerbaijani youth? On the final day of the show, we can determine its effectiveness and come together to find the formula of the ideal education. And this is very important because the importance of the exhibition was at the opening ceremony voiced by Education Minister Misir Mardanov, who stressed the benefits of the event. This demonstrates how responsible our people are in providing a special place for education in its development strategy. The minister expressed confidence that the next exhibition will involve all of the country's higher educational institutions.

The exhibition traditionally takes place with the ministry's active support, and its functionality is usually determined by external factors. This means that the event is marked by broad-scale international communication as it enhances our peer relationships with different countries. The exhibition also underscores the need to implement specific projects. The organizers had several major objectives, e.g. to provide a full range of opportunities to educational institutions, students and graduates to demonstrate the latest achievements in the countrys educational sector, and to contribute to the development of this sector. In parallel, improve the educational system in Azerbaijani universities and schools by preparing more skilled personnel. It is no accident that the exhibition's slogan Choose your education to secure your future reflects the event's primary goal. The exhibition is more or less now a big classroom for professionals, students and applicants where they can meet representatives of foreign and domestic higher vocational, secondary and further education programs, as well as study new technology teaching aids and a wide range of foreign educational disciplines. Exchange programs and scientific degrees, career planning and development advice, career education courses, a tourism program, language courses, summer schools, and educational information technology -- this all impressed our guests and helped many of them to make a serious choice regarding their future education.

The workshops, lotteries, and training that accompanied the exhibition created an organic a forum for discussing the most pressing issues, and facilitated the sharing of experiences and ideas between Azerbaijani and international universities. Certainly, the exhibitions increased efficiency can be attributed to the broad geography of the event participants. Our multinational event has created an excellent platform for a stable international colloquium. We had many distinguished representatives from Turkey, Russia, the UK and South Korea taking part in our event this year. Their myriad prestigious universities and programs were impressive. On the backdrop of such increased participation in the event on behalf of our foreign colleagues, it is quite interesting to see what they think about younger visitors. Some say that they did not expect such a large number of young people to attend. Others said that they were impressed by the practicality and business proficiency of these young people. They have all clearly seen the hope of these youths to understand today's world and today's educational opportunities by attending our exhibition. They are all looking for the best education possible both at home and abroad be that at a prestigious or a less prestigious university, and even for a low price if the perspectives are there.

I would also like to stress that our teens also have a good knowledge of English, Turkish and Russian. When they demonstrated their linguistic abilities at our event, our first-time participants were almost shocked at their fluency.

This year, we saw a record number of visitors. For three days, the exhibition attracted more than 7,000 local and foreign guests. Large modern buses delivered visitors to and from the Baku Expo Center free of charge.

One of the most important recent developments in the national educational system was the adoption of the new law on education. The need for such a law is rooted in the dynamic development of both Azerbaijan and the entire world, as Azerbaijan makes its transition to a qualitatively new stage of growth. Many countries today see Azerbaijan as a very serious partner. Unsurprisingly, many foreign participants in our event showed an interest in promoting a "dual" education system at the undergraduate and graduate levels -- a move lauded by many local professionals. The successful development of our educational system will contribute to the acceleration of Azerbaijan's integration into global educational processes. It is worth noting that our permanent exhibitors -- the Azerbaijani State Economic University, Azerbaijan University, and the Azerbaijani Diplomatic Academy -- acquainted their visitors and foreign colleagues in detail with their new undergraduate and graduate degree programs. These organizations have solid experience in training foreign students from all over the world.

The exhibition was accompanied by workshops and master classes on career opportunities for students and young professionals. A positive note is that the Youth and Sport Ministry organized the participation of non-governmental, youth organizations and associations in the career section of the exhibition for the second straight year. Job ads and employment requirements, a database in this area all of these were the final output of the exhibition, as potential employers, recruitment agencies and training companies participated.

Azerbaijani national leader Heydar Aliyev once said that education is the future of the people. This exhibition has not only attracted the attention of industry professionals, businessmen and investors, but has also become the measuring stick or gauging the interest of our government and people in development. Indeed, the event was organized and conducted for the people, and to help guarantee a positive future of our younger generations. The formula of an ideal education is thus very, very simple, as are all brilliant truths -- "If you want to learn then go for it!" Today, perfect conditions are offered to anyone interested in advancing their education or career. You only need to know about the opportunities out there waiting for you. This is shown by the diverse composition of our visitors, including many parents and teenagers. Such a tandem allows us to assert that our children are successfully prepared to become worthy successors of our progress.

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